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Only in Colorado

Colorado Governor's Cheesman-Boettcher Mansion

The Colorado Governor's Mansion, also known as the Cheesman-Boettcher Mansion, is a historic U.S. residence in Denver, Colorado. It is located at 400 East 8th Avenue. On December 3, 1969, it was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.
The building was built during 1908 after a design by Denver architects Willis A. Marean and Albert J. Norton. The house was built originally as a residence for the widow and the daughter of Denver real estate tycoon Walter Scott Cheesman.
The mansion was designed to accommodate two families. On November 8, 1908, Cheesman's daughter, Gladys, married John Evans II, the grandson of John Evans, the second territorial governor of Colorado. The widowed mother and young couple lived together until the birth of the Evans' first child, after which they relocated. On January 2, 1923, Alice Foster Sanger Cheesman died.

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governor mansion from 1919
picture from the Denver Library taken 1908-1919

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