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Only in Colorado

Confluence Park

Confluence Park is an urban park encompassing the confluence of Cherry Creek and the South fork of the Platte River in Denver's Lower Downtown (LoDo) District The eastern edge of the South Platte in Confluence Park has been transformed into a kayak run. Some grassy areas overlook the river with benches available to relax. Two pedestrian bridges cross the South Platte River and Cherry Creek at Confluence Park. Immediately across the Platte River is the REI Flagship Store.

Prior to European contact the Arapahoe Indians would gather at the confluence of Cherry Creek and the Platte River. Latter trappers, traders and Native Americans would meet here to trade. The park marks the area where gold was discovered in 1858 by William Greeneberry Russell. This gold discovery led to the founding of Denver.

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Kayak at Confluence Park Cherry Creek and Platte River

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Confluence Park at Night
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