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Coors Brewing Co

Adolph Coors emigrated from Prussia (now part of Germany) in 1863. 10 years later Coors and the Denver confectioner Jacob Schueler purchased the abandoned Golden City Tannery and converted it to the Golden Brewery. And began producing beer under the name Schueler & Coors. They needed an initial investment of $20,000 to establish what would become a corporate and beverage icon. . Exporting the Idea Colorado and reality of Rocky Mountain Spring Water to the rest of the world.

The Coors Brewing Company managed to survive Prohibition relatively intact. Years before the Volstead Act went into effect nationwide, Adolph Coors with sons Adolph Jr., Grover, and Herman established the Adolph Coors Brewing and Manufacturing Company, which included Herold Porcelain and other ventures. The brewery itself was converted into a malted milk and near beer production facility. Coors sold much of the malted milk to the Mars candy company for the production of confection.

Coors beer had its beginnings as a regional product; its marketing and distribution area was confined to the American west. This made it a novelty on the East Coast, and visitors returning from the western states often brought back a case. This iconic status was reflected in the 1977 movie Smokey and the Bandit, which centered around an illegal shipment of Coors from Texas to Georgia.

Coors currently operates Rocky Mountain Metal Container (RMMC), the largest aluminum can producing plant in the world. RMMC is a joint venture between Ball Corporation and Coors and is located in Golden Colorado, adjacent to the Coors Brewing Facility.

In 2004 Coors merged with Canada's Largest Brewer to form Molson Coors. In 2008 Molson Coors formed a joint venture with SABMiller to form MillerCoors.

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Golden Colorado
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Golden Brewing, Golden Colorado

photo by Jami Dwyer

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